What is the Cruel 2 B Kind schedule?
This Cruel 2 B Kind schedule is our curated list of Cruel 2 B Kind games taking place all over the world. All of the games listed on this page share three things in common: 1) they all use our database of benevolent weapons, 2) they all follow the gameplay rules described in our benevolent assassins guide, and 3) they all communicate with players through our mobile email gameplay system.

No games are currently scheduled. Please come back soon, or learn how to organize a game in your area.

Unless indicated, the games above are NOT organized or run by Jane and Ian, the creators of Cruel 2 B Kind. And we won't personally be at the games, unless noted. To promote cruel and kind gameplay, we have opened our game system to the public. Our only involvement with the games listed on this page are to oversee the process of setting up game events on our server for local organizers. Once the game is listed on this site, all game event planning, promotion, oversight and general fun making is done by the local organizers.

Can you guarantee that if I go to a game you list on this schedule, I will like it and have a good time?
Absolutely not! There are no guarantees with this scheudle. All we can do is post the events and trust that what the event producers say will happen will in fact take place, it's up to you to take the risk by attending. Some games are amazing and othersÉ not so much.

WARNING: If you attend an event that is posted to The Cruel 2 B Kind Schedule, then you do so at your own risk. We are not able to confirm the accuracy of the information that is submitted to us and we cannot guarantee that you will get your time's worth or enjoy the event (please read our for more information). But we remain optimistic -- have fun and have a good time! And feel free to email us and let us know your opinion of how things turn out.